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Happy Fathers Day To: Todd, Woody, G.David, Shaunn, Zach, and many more

by Suzanne - June 20th, 2010.
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Years ago my brother and I got my dad a shirt for Fathers day it said:

“Anyone can be a Father, but it takes someone special to be a Daddy”  I remember it was heather green with green trim and he wore it a lot. I liked that shirt, even more now that I know what it means. My Dad is someone special, he was very involved with us as kids, he came home from his factory job and worked in the garden and played basketball and all sorts of games with us kids, he read to us every night before bed and was always interested in what we were doing.

He has an excellent work ethic and by example taught us that you take care of your family whether you  feel good or not.  You don’t live above your means and you are loyal to your church. G-d can change lives forever and you can stay married to the same woman your whole life. These are good lessons to learn my friend and I am blessed to have my Dad. I love you Dad, I always will, I am so glad that you are so close to my children, it is a dream come true!

So Fathers day has new meaning to me since we became parents, I have watched my husband show to me by example exactly what a great father is. I can’t believe how patient he is, he has taught Simon many many things that most people don’t have time for, you know my 3 year old can crack an egg open and flip burgers on the grill (closely supervised of course) The boys absolutely adore him and for good reason. He is always happy to see them and spends a lot of time playing, holding, loving, reading, laughing, running, swimming, cooking, working, explaining, smiling, comforting, and getting up at night when they awake.

I always knew Todd would be a good Father, he has surpassed my wildest dreams, He really amazes me, and every single day I am thankful for him, So baby, I love you, and I am so blessed to be in this journey called parenthood with you. Please know how important you are!!

What did we get him for Fathers Day you ask? well we got him  a new grill, he’s also a great cook and we got him this amazing thing called the Big Green Egg we have already cooked on it every available night, since we got it for him a week early (: I just couldn’t wait.

Happy Fathers Day also to Todds dad G.David as Todd likes to call him, we love you and so do your grandsons!! He is the best finder of cool toys for the boys as is proved by the awesome set of golf clubs he got Simon that are just his size,with an adorable orange golf bag, Simon is in heaven to play with them, perfect grip and all (:

Two other very important men in our lives and that is our boys birthfathers, Shaunn and Zach, we love you both so much and wonder if you can ever comprehend how much you mean to us. Your selflessness in giving your boys to us is unparalleled.

We are honored to raise your sons, please know you are never forgotten!!!

So Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there, you are very important and are an example always even if you don’t realize it!

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  1. Well said!!! We can’t underestimate the importance of a good dad.

  2. This was very touching Suzanne! I read it this morning and it made my day! We are planning on coming up sometime on the weekend of the 4th, not sure when exactly. What are your plans?
    Love, ya,

  3. I love my wife!

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