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A no good very bad Day.

by Suzanne - July 8th, 2010.
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Did you ever have one of those days, you know the kind, when your kid wakes you up early, it rains, your baby was all bit up by misquitos the night before, you lose your temper a couple of times, take the kids out for a quick grocery trip before naptime, realize it might have been the dumbest thing you have ever done, start your period, know you can’t have your beloved Dr.Pepper from your real Drs orders,  find your air conditioner is leaking on your newly finished floors, and know you have to have dinner ready early because your husband won’t be home for the rest of the evening, so you are a single mom tonight.

Yep it’s been one of those days, I might have to call in reinforcements.

I”ll be the one in the corner sucking my thumb, I’ll try not to pick my nose at the same time.

3 Responses to A no good very bad Day.

  1. Love it! Thanks for being real. 😉

  2. I’m sorry you had such a bad day. I love the picture of Levi. That’s priceless!!

  3. Tooooo Funny!! I’ve had these days before! 🙂

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