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No Sugar, No Flour… I’m sorry what?, I wasn’t listening

by Suzanne - July 13th, 2010.
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So, for about 6 months now I have been experiencing horrible PMS, not just an excuse a woman might use around her period because she is grouchy, I mean like crazy mood swings, wayyyyyy too easily angered, very very emotional, any sweet story or scene will make me cry. I knew this wasn’t me, it wasn’t normal for me, and I finally went to the doctor.

I love my Doctor, she is sweet and seems to really care about her patients. She heard my explanation of symptoms and kind of smiled at me. She said, “well we can do a few things, You could take Prozac for two weeks out of the year, it helps a lot of people, I have had husbands come in and hug me saying thanks for giving me my wife back, or I know you like a more natural approach, you could try upping your calcium and cutting out Sugar and carbs”.

What I thought I just heard her say cut out sugar and carbs, I’m sure she didn’t say that, I am sure she said go on the all brownie and ice cream diet, it works wonders for PMS

“I’m sorry, did you say CUT OUT sugar and carbs?”

“yes, the first 3 days will be the hardest, it gets better, I can’t tell you the last time I had carbs”

Oh.My.Gosh.  I am the last person that wants to cut out sugar and carbs, I love to bake:




cookies, o gosh I make good cookies

homemade ice cream

did I mention bread???

Well, I hate what my body feels like on prescription meds, they just do weird things to me. It is almost like I am an 80 lb child taking an adult dosage that is how much they affect me, so if at all possible I do want to take the natural route.

So I left the Doctors office that day, it was the Thursday before the 4th of July, party anyone?, and lots of them. It has been 12 days and I haven’t buckled not once, I have been to 3 birthday parties and 2, 4th of July parties, there have been plenty of temptations in front of me, including 4 half gallons of Edys ice cream in my freezer that I bought 2 days before this decree.

I am actually very proud of myself, I thought it would be much harder, my hardest give up so far has been no more Dr Pepper. I really miss it in the afternoon, it was my pick me up, which it really didn’t do, it is an insane amount of Sugar, and high fructose corn syrup at that ewwwww.

Well anyways, when I google no sugar no flour recipes, it usually still calls for a cup of Splenda, and my Dr. did say I could use Splenda, but I don’t want to, it is a chemical and I want things as natural as possible, so when I found this recipe today which really did fit into my parameters, I had to try it out, plus I just miss baking in general.

I served it to Todd before I told him what was in it, he really liked it and went back for thirds, even after he knew what was in it, he is my biggest cheerleader, he wants me healthy too, plus he is always trying to get us to eat healthier, so he loves the new change, I’m so blessed to have him.

So here is the link for No Flour, No Sugar brownies, keep an open mind, they really are quite tasty. I apologize as a blogger, I did not take a picture of them, we had them with cool whip, yum.

Tell me what you think. Would you believe I had everything on hand except the eggs (: we used them all up over the weekend making deviled eggs, yum.

10 Responses to No Sugar, No Flour… I’m sorry what?, I wasn’t listening

  1. Ha! I’ve had to do the no sugar/carbs thing off and on for various reasons… for me it’s mostly to control migraines. I’ve actually had dreams about hot fudge sundaes… I’ll be sleeping along enjoying my dessert in bliss when suddenly I’ll think… Oh NOOOO… I’m not supposed to be eating this! At one point though, I actually got to the point where I could tell myself that I was just dreaming so I could go ahead and enjoy it!

  2. 12 days & no cheating? WOW you go girl !! Try another 12 days.

  3. Rebecca, that is hilarious, maybe I could get myself to dream that I am eating chocolate, maybe my pillow would be full of drool then LOL

  4. Thanks mom, I will take all of the encouragement I can get (:

  5. Congratulations Sis! Keep up the hard work. See you next week and we will try not to tempt you with anything.

  6. You would not believe what I have already turned down, I don’ think tempting me will be that easy. (:

  7. Wait – KoolWhip has no carbs? Or sugar? Ya sure?

  8. there is sugar free cool whip.
    Almost everything has carbs in it, but I am staying away from anything with flour in it, even wheat flour, it is a work in progress though.

  9. seriously, all i want right now is that bread. my tummy is growling dang it! camp food just isn’t satisfying and that looks DELICIOUS. i want a whole loaf to myself…in one sitting…

  10. me too 🙂

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