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Our Story Part 8: Becoming acquainted

by Suzanne - August 8th, 2010.
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Zach and Ariel came over for dinner again and while Zach was playing monsters, the three of us, Ariel, Todd and I were still siting around the table chatting, She asked if we had picked out a name yet, we said no but we have it narrowed down to 2 names. We did not say what those 2 names were, but they were Levi or Micah. Then Ariel says “I don’t know why but I really love the name Levi”  My eyes got as big as saucers and I turned to just stare at Todd and we must have been silent for too long because then she said “Oooookay maybe I don’t like that name” (:  So I said that is one of the 2 names we had picked out “SHUT UP” she said (love it) but nope it was true, Todd was leaning more towards Micah, but I really wanted Levi, and when she said that, it sealed the deal, baby boy has a name and it is Levi!

We had never said that we were going to pick out the name together, and we didn’t we each picked out a name, it just was the same name! I know married couples that it is a much harder and longer process than that.

We did tell them that they could pick the middle name. we will see what they come up with, well we put a few stipulations, like it had to have a god meaning and all, we didn’t want it to mean “never sleeps through the night” or anything like that.

So during this time of waiting for baby Levi to arrive, we got together again and again, it was nice, one time Ariel, Simon and I went to see the butterflies at Meijer gardens. I had to eventually move him away from the sand play area, he threw a big fit, how embarrassing, here I am trying to look like a great mom and he acts normal (: But when he calmed down, I realized he was hungry, I said, let’s go get something to eat, he says in a sing sing whiny voice “I want to go to the Farmers Market” Ariel and busted out laughing.

She at this point was getting too big for her regular clothes, she was so small before, but his time to arrive was coming. As I was driving her home, I said, you know I am glad we have a name picked out, it makes it seem more real. She said “oh it’s real alright” But there is something in me that wouldn’t let myself get over the moon excited, you hear stories all the time about birthmoms who change there mind, it’s a little scary. Let me just clear something up for everyone out there, when someone you know is in this process of adopting, we don’t want to hear your sad stories you know of your best friends aunts cousin who was going to adopt and then at the hospital the birthparents changed there mind, nope, don’t want to hear it, WE KNOW that this happens, it has not escaped us, we would like to dwell on the positive, if a change of heart comes it would rip us to pieces, but then we would pick up those pieces and move on, I mean what else can you do?

By this time I was constantly checking my cell phone to see if there was any messages or I had missed any calls, I was getting a little anxious. The plan was, she would call us when she was going into the hospital and we would meet them there, that way we could see baby Levi as soon as he was born. So I was always rushing to answer the phone, we hoped he would come a little early because that was her spring break, but no such luck. He was due April 21st and she wasn’t feeling anything that day, she was so ready, so were we :)

During this time we were invited over to Ariels moms house for dinner to meet her parents and just get acquainted. We went over on a warm spring day and finally met her mom, Ardy was so excited that we were there and thrilled to pieces that Simon called her Grandma Ardy.

Ariels Dad Ron came in later, he was driving in from Detroit and when he got there, Simon ran up and hugged his legs, it was so cute, he had never done that for anyone before. We had a nice dinner and chatted, they pretty much had no questions for us, since they had already read our homestudy, which pretty much meant they knew our financial status and underwear size too.

It was a nice evening of getting to know more about each other and this journey we are on together.

A week or so later we were invited to dinner at Zachs house, We went on a warm spring evening and met Bob and Catherine, we had a lovely dinner where Simon impressed them with his hearty appetite of seafood pasta. We talked and talked, Catherine mentioned how fortunate they felt to be so close in proximity to us, when they knew an adoption would take place, they didn’t know if the family would live in another state. I had never thought of that since we were using a local agency, but I could see why that would be a fear of theirs, the internet has made this adoption search global even, so anything could happen.
We left there that night with a good idea of who they were and that they would be a nice addition to our family.

His due date was looming, not like a dark grey cloud, more like waiting for the sunrise, we were excited and nervous all at the same time. I kept checking my cell phone to see if I had missed any calls, again. When I talked to Ariel I would ask her how she was feeling, just the same she would sigh, not feeling anything new. She was hopeful too and ready to not be pregnant anymore.

to be continued……

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  1. Great story! I love the line about his due date looming,not like a gray cloud but like waiting for the sunrise. That is so poetically beautiful and so appropriate.

  2. My memory is not the best, but it seems to me that Ardy, Ron, Celeste and Steve had a similar story about Ariel’s name. I’ll check that out – Celeste, Gordon and Hudson will be with us Aug 29 – Sept 3.

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