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Oh the Mommy Guilt.

by Suzanne - August 27th, 2010.
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It is sometimes unbearable, and who do I have to blame for this, Myself.

I never thought ahead about what being a mama would make me feel like, I never thought it could bring me to my knees and beg G-d for help.

Until I held that little baby in my arms and knew he was ours to keep forever and ever, I never knew the meaning of responsibility, I thought I did, but I didn’t.

Until it dawned on my that I am responsible for this boy, I will care for him and teach him in the way he should go, talk about a scary overwhelming thought. I don’t know how that wouldn’t strike fear in anyone.

So here it goes.

Jesus, you have literally given me these two beautiful boys. Please help me to be the best mama to them, and where I fail every single day, please please be there for them, help them to learn not only from my triumphs but from my shortcomings also. Shape them up to be Men after your own heart. They humble me daily with how much of a gift they are. Please let this be my mothers prayer. Amen

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  1. All mamas need God’s help for the God-sized task of raising children. It’s the most wonderful terrible thing you’ll ever do. Keep praying.

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