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No more Plastic!

by Suzanne - September 1st, 2010.
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Cheap up-front, costly in the end
Not bio-degradable. Plastic is food for no one. It never completely breaks down.
Litter. Even when thrown into the garbage, plastic bags easily blow away. These
bags are unsightly, distracting on highways, and clog storm sewer systems.
Can’t recycle. Plastic can only “down-cycle” – making at most one stop on the way
to landfill or litter.
Toxic. Plastic particles get into our food and air. Many types of plastic have been
associated with increased incidence of cancer and other disorders.
Kills wildlife. Sea turtles and marine mammals ingest plastic bags thinking they’re
Choking the ocean. Plastic debris is everywhere on our beaches and in the ocean. In
a recent surface trawl of the Pacific, six pounds of plastic were found for every pound
of zooplankton.
Green Sangha collaborates with a number of civic and non-profit organizations to stem the tide of plastic
pollution, including Californians Against Waste (CAW), Earth Resource, and Good Earth Natural Foods.
For more information on the costs of plastic, go to or call CAW (916) 443-5422.

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