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Community Supported Agriculture, Going Local

by Suzanne - September 8th, 2010.
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How to eat local without breaking your bank.

We joined a CSA this spring, each one is run a little different. This is run by some amish farmers north of us. A friend who ives up there and commutes down here 3 times a week, brings this bounty down to us.  We paid $20 at the start of the season to cover seeds and a few other things, then each week we paid $15 for this:

Then if you take off the top layer you find this:

It s by far the best deal we get for food, well besides what comes from our own garden and I just haven’t perfected that yet. It is a chalenge to eat this many vegetables, seeing as there are only 4 of us and one is just a year old. But I have made and eaten things I have never had and I have enjoyed them, like beet greens and crispy kale.

I would encourage anyone to seek out local fare to eat, but joining a CSA is a great way to dive right in, it forces you to cook creatively and try to see how little goes to waste. Se those raspberries in the photo?

Yeah, they are gone within minutes :) I thought ahead and ordered more this time, they might last a whole day this week. We only have one more wek for our CSA as we get i from up north and there first frost usually happens around the 15th of Sept.  What will we do next week when this food doesn’t magically appear on our doorstep to save me from another dreaded trip to the grocery store.

I’ll have to think of something. I have to admit it does make me look forward to next summer.

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  1. I love Farmer’s Markets but the one in my town is at a bad time for me. I need to find a local farm and take a periodic trip to it because I feel “guilty” when I’m buying at the store :)

    Found you from DiaperSwappers!

  2. welcome and thanks for coming over, I agree find a nice farm and the prices could be even better :)

  3. I’m also in West Michigan, and would love to know what farm this is from? That’s a great deal!

  4. Hi Clare,
    It was an amish farm that a friend organized the CSA through. It was it’s first year and was sort of an experiment, but they may do it again next year.

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