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Deviled eggs on Easter?

by Suzanne - April 4th, 2010.
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This is such a simple way to fix deviled eggs,  they are a special treat.

My mom hard boils the eggs and then soaks them in the juice from Aunt Nellies pickled beets. Then prepare them like normal. But instead of spooning them into the eggs, take a plastic bag and put the stuffing into it, cut the tip off and squeeze into the eggs just like you are frosting a cake. It is much cleaner and very little waste, kind of fun also.

2 Responses to Deviled eggs on Easter?

  1. These are so pretty it makes me want to make them. Sonya taught me what to do if the eggs are too fresh and don’t peel well. Instead of cursing, crack the egg before boiling it. Just a gentle tap in the countertop and then into the pot. Works great!

    I like your blog, Suz : )

    Come visit us and see our backyard coop. Matthew made a great design that is better insulated than our home. The hens are LOVING the big juicy worms of spring.


  2. Good thought on the eggs, I would love to come visit you. we will see how that pans out.

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