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Happy Birthday Levi!

by Suzanne - September 6th, 2011.
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It has been 2 years since you have entered the world, Time sort of flew, but then there were those moments where it stood still, like the first time I saw you, all hooked up to a breathing machine with a couple of IV’s in your arms. I just stared and my mind was racing a million thoughts a minute. All around us the world was spinning, but you were looking at me and we were still within it.

Then when you came home with us and it took you 11 months to sleep through the night, these nights took a long time, but you were loved and well cared for, your papa spent many many hours rocking you in the bedroom, praying for you, holding his breath hoping you were sleeping again, someday you will do the same.

You are well loved by many people, you have a birthmom, a birthfather, their parents, grand parents and great grand parents all think you are quite special. Plus you have me, your papa, your brother and all of our family. We all were very excited when you came along.

This year has been fun, you have made great strides, you literally learned to walk a day after your birthday last year. You have been stable on your feet ever since. You took swimming lessons and learned to flip onto your back and wait for help to come should you ever fall in the water. We took a trip down to Indianapolis, we went to the zoo, you got to see dolphins and elephants and giraffes. We drove down to your Great grand parents farm in Indiana to meet a whole lot of family on your birth moms side. We visited Indiana a lot, because that is where Grandpa and Nana live. We went to the lake a lot, because that is where Grandma and Grandpa H are in the summer.

We spent a lot of time reading, it is one of your favorite things to do, You talk a LOT, your vocabulary is incredible and I am amazed at what you repeat, sometimes embarrassed but mostly amazed.

You are an incredibly cute child, you are friendly and love to say hi to strangers in the store, your voice is very quiet though and they rarely hear you, you make me smile a lot, especially when you demand songs, whether on the ipod or me singing, you know exactly what you want.

You turned 2 just 1 week before your little brother joined us, I was so glad he didn’t come on your birthday, I wanted to keep that special just for you!

I know this isn’t your birthday, but I started writing this awhile ago and wanted to finish it, you are loved, you are special and I pray you will grow to be a man after G-ds own heart!, I hear you waking up now, gotta go.

5 Responses to Happy Birthday Levi!

  1. This is beautiful Suzanne, and what a great week-end we had together last summer. Maybe we can do it again next year. Love to you all.

  2. Love it.

  3. He is such a gift to us all – wouldn’t have missed him for anything!!

  4. Wonderful to read, Suzanne. Love seeing him in Zach’s Spiderman hat! He is well loved by us all. Such a sweet little man. I love seeing him and grow and flourish but i almost want to slow it down sometimes……….So many wonderful things yet to come!

  5. so very sweet Suzanne!! xo

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