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Our Story, Part 5. Bringing baby home

by Suzanne - June 15th, 2010.
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When we left the hospital, life felt surreal, we had a real baby in the car with us all snuggled into his little carseat.

When we arrived home there was balloons tied to our front porch and a bag of fun groceries, it felt great, people were so excited for us. It was Thursday afternoon and we were tired, luckily newborns sleep a lot and we took a nap right away.

It was so much fun introducing Simon to our neighbors. What a beautiful baby he was, so perfect. We took him to a wedding on Saturday and to a 4th of July party. I wore him in a sling to keep him close and to keep germy hands away, I was a first time mom anyways.

On Sunday my mom and dad finally could get up here to see him, there first grandchild, they were so excited, I couldn’t wait for them to see him. They of course loved him and couldn’t hold him enough.

My mom got to stay with us for a week, helped us get settled into the life of caring for a newborn. She helped with everything, Moms are so wonderful, especially mine (:

When she left, we had friends and our small group that brought us meals for a week, what a blessing! to be cared for and loved, I will never forget how much help that was.

I had always thought I would transition into motherhood easily, just glide into it, I mean I have loved and cared for children my whole life, I have worked very closely with infants in an everyday situation.

Nothing prepares you for parenthood, nothing. You are responsible and emotional and it is fun and tiring and some things you thought it would be but a lot you never knew to anticipate. I swear it took me two full months to get back into a groove where I felt like I had a handle on housework and laundry, two months and only one child! How in the world do people do it with multiples, I will never know!

Almost a week after Simon was born Todd started a new job, the plan was for me to go back to work but in an extremely limited capacity. I was  going to work about 4 hours on Tuesday evenings and a few Saturdays a month, just to help out, keep us afloat while Todds new job took shape. That just wasn’t working out, Todd couldn’t get off in time to get home in time for me to leave in time, are you sensing a pattern here? So He got a significant raise and I quit all together. I wanted to be a stay at home mom my whole life, so I wasn’t disappointed at all. I was enjoying myself, and I didn’t miss work. I enjoyed being with Simon, teaching him everything, caring for all of his needs, I know there were hard days where he was fussy and not easy to be around, but looking back, it is hard to remember those. I’m glad I kept a baby book because it is hard to remember any of those details (: it can be such a blur.

I do know that Todd and I often looked at each other in amazement, we knew we were blessed and we were extremely grateful. It’s hard not to be, a child reminds us of all the innocent ways to see the world.

His life is a gift, he is a gift, It is hard to think of this life without him. I am so very grateful that G-d chose us to be his parents. He is my sweet sweet boy, he will always be my firstborn, I feel a connection to him that I swear to you couldn’t be any closer had I carried him in my womb.

Simon David, you are so special to us, our love runs deep for you, we wanted you for so long and worked hard to get you. We want you to know that it is our hearts desire for you to grow up and run after G-d, may you always have a beautiful childlike faith in the unseen, may you always love fiercely as you do now and may it never be a question as to how much you are loved and worth!

We look forward to our lives together, Mama and Papa.

2 Responses to Our Story, Part 5. Bringing baby home

  1. Ok…now I KNOW for sure God wants you guys to have more than 2 kids. You are meant to bless kids with your love, wisdom, and care. I know you both came from families with 2 kids but that 3rd adds life to a family that is amazing. Just pray about it!

  2. well said!! Parenting is an amazing journey of highs and lows but thank God that in the end you mostly remember the highs. Thanks for the compliment. I love you too.

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