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Perfect Pancakes

by Suzanne - May 4th, 2010.
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Well it is just about the most perfect day here weather wise. I love Michigan in the spring time.

So we had some cottage cheese that we needed to use up before it went bad, this is what I did.

Cottage Cheese Pancakes

They are delicious, mine have never looked as good as her pictures do but they are so yummy.

I made a triple batch this morning, well I cooked up half of them and got so bored I refrigerated the rest of the batter.

I also add Blueberries and forgot twice to put in the melted butter it calls for and they turned out just fine so maybe they are even a little healthier (:

You should try them, you won’t be sorry.

and word on the street says that they might show up at the Bailey reunion this summer….

3 Responses to Perfect Pancakes

  1. Yummy!! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. I look forward to your fulfillment of the word on the street. Melted butter would be great, but some of us are trying to cut down on the amount of that sort of delicious extra.

  3. Yummy. I’ll try these with all the blueberries I picked & let you know how they turned out! Thanks Suzanne!

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