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A life of perfection, Whatever.

by Suzanne - May 13th, 2010.
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So a friend of mine commented on her facebook status. “I wish people would quit pretending like there lives are perfect on there blogs” This made me giggle.

I would like to tell you about yesterday, it was a normal day, the boys were up earlier than normal, which is happening way too often lately hmmm, But all in all a normal day.

We went next door to visit our neighbor so the boys could play together, then we came home and ate lunch. Simon complained of being too cold, whined, I’m just too cold, over and over. I asked him if he wanted to go to bed because it is warmer under the covers, it was about an hour earlier than his normal nap time. He said he did, uh ok, fine.

So I put him down for his nap a few minutes after Levi, they were both sleeping nicely and it was good. About an hour and a half later Levi started to fuss, so I went in and got him, at the same time I hear Simon just yelling sort of panicked, MOM, MOM, MAMA…. MOM, MOM, MAMA…  I run downstairs with Levi, I have no idea what he is up to, he ususally just wakes up by calling for me, but calmly.

He is wandering around downstairs and he sees me and says “I just want you down here”

So something is off, Simon woke up scared and Levi is teething and not very happy about it, so for the next 3 hours they both take turns:




and more of the same.

I thought my brain might explode. Nothing I did would help them for longer than 2 minutes. My Lap, books, even TV, nothing could salve there savage crys. What am I doing wrong!!!!!

And of course this was a day they went to bed early, get it, this means the cavalry doesn’t come until later. Much later.

These are the days that make me think of those old commercials where the stay at home mom says “Calgon, take me away” (:

I wish I could tie this up in a neat little bow, wrap it up like a great sermon and tell you what I did to sooth my children, but I can’t, we got through it, no one was injured and the rest of the evening went a lot better. But I don’t know why my 3 year old has bad crabby times, if I knew maybe I could do something about it, but maybe I couldn’t. I wish I could take the teething pain away, but we are anti Tylenol in this house or any drug for that matter and we only use it for special occasions like a really bad night, we care about his liver and don’t want to damage it. We are weird like that.

So when you find yourself having a bad day with your children, or boss, or spouse, or finances, just know you are never alone, there is always someone that can feel your pain and will rejoice with you when it gets better.

So far today has been better, but they are taking a nap, so pray they wake up happy, please.

5 Responses to A life of perfection, Whatever.

  1. Some days are just like that I’m sorry to say. It comes under the catergory of MOM. Darn those teeth anyway. Why does it have to be so painful? But you know that this is a season and it too shall pass. Hang in there oh daughter of mine

  2. Love the realism! Totally identify! Only we’ve gone from naps to homeschooling meltdowns – daily. Love it!

  3. Have you looked at Hylands Teething Tablets? IT’s a homeopathic that one of my natural friends recommended and it seemed to help take the edge off a bit.

  4. Yep, we use them, but Darn it he is still in pain, poor baby.

  5. I feel your pain hon! Call me ANYTIME! 🙂

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