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I love naptime, and no I don’t nap.

by Suzanne - May 17th, 2010.
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Can you tell which is the dramatic child?

Today my little guy, pinched his finger on our way to pick up papa, then he tipped the water bottle so far back that water went straight up his nose, these both were followed closely by ear piercing screams, lots and lots of them.  They should record these and they could use them for the  sound in a horror flick.

Since I was driving there wasn’t much I could do for the pinched finger, not even kiss the booboo.

Simon is so dramatic, nothing small ever happens to him, he gets really excited over the sunset, Horrified if he can’t do what he has planned and loves loves to give lots of hugs and kisses.  I love looking at the world through his eyes, it’s so much more fascinating.

We were at a kids clothing store, ( Hanna Andersson) and there was a sweet little dress on the mannequin and Simon says “oh that is adorable” in this little sing song voice, Lord I love that boy.

On the way home from this same car trip I mentioned that he could not go to his friend Ralphies right now because it was naptime, again the screams, oh you would have thought I killed a puppy and the Easter bunny with one bullet, the tears and cries, ahhhh having a high spirited child, there is nothing quite like it, and if you don’t have one, you can not know what I speak of, you are the people who will see me in a store and think I must give in to every whim he has for him to react so strongly. I know I used to be you, judging parents, but ah the irony, now I know what it is like to raise a child that has there own personality, there own plans for the day, there own agenda.

I will continue to learn from Simon, he is always willing to teach me, I love him to pieces and am so glad I am his mama, but oh how I love naptime.

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  1. My Kaden is also a spirited little one. I love his passion, but oh how I miss daily nap time…

  2. Suzanne, rest assured that there are people like me in public who hear little ones off in the distance wailing away and think either, ‘somebody’s tired’ or ‘somebody doesn’t want to be here’….and unless I see or hear a loud crack of a parent’s hand (which turns my stomach), I don’t equate the wailing with the parent. Personally, my son (who is now 30 and expecting his own first) was pretty laid back and the tantrums were few and not horribly impressive, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t get that there are a lot of toddlers who are very dramatic in their ‘presentation’ of their feelings. One of the worst things people can do to themselves and others is to assume that everyone’s lives, thoughts and experiences ‘should’ be as their’s are, and if not, then they are obviously ‘wrong’. That is a very pompous way to see the world rather than understanding that every person, experience, and situation, is going to be different and should be accepted as such and the mind should remain open. For instance, getting mad at a driver who’s being overly cautious in front of you (slow starts, stops, and overall slow driving). Maybe that person was in a recent car accident and is just getting back on the horse, so to speak, and they’re nervous. Or maybe they have a terrible headache and they are just trying to safely make their way home.

    My point is twofold. One – some people do get it and when you are feeling helpless with Simon, know that there are even total strangers who love you in a mankind sort of way and simply wish you well in getting through your errand.
    And Two – this wonderful blog is a great way to start spreading the message. Good for you. I’ll continue doing my part and I wish you well. ???……Connie Gall

  3. Thank you Connie!!

  4. by the time on the clock in the background it is nap time:) P.S. I love to see the world through Simon’s eyes too!!

  5. I love the label “high spirited” rather than drama which is the usual label. My oldest is like that and I felt like you just described a scenario from my world.

  6. LOVED what Connie said!

    I am with you…Alyse is the SAME way. I love the term “high spirited” too. I know how you feel as people always comment about Alyse & her personality. Even people in my own family. I will NOT however try to change her….I try to teach her to take deep breaths & funnel her feelings sometimes but I love her unconditionally. I wish people did “get it” as you friend said, but all you can do is live your life & hope one day people will just be accepting.

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