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by Suzanne - May 20th, 2010.
Filed under: parenting.

So today a neighbor girl from across the street came over and brought her 3 year old boy along. Simon has been asking for a playdate all week and this was the fastest we could work it out.

So Jack is 6 months younger than Simon and they are both firstborns.



At first they were just misunderstanding each other, then they were wrestling on the floor (having fun) Then they were crying, or I should say they were taking turns at something, crying, (: But then by the end they were having a hoot together, they were running around hiding from Levi, Levi would walk after them and announce his delight with screams of joy, then they would all giggle and laugh.

I realized today that I have another friend with a high spirited child like mine, I like her, she makes me feel normal, or maybe Jack makes me feel normal. I think sometimes I have too high of expectations for Simon and when he doesn’t meet those I feel sad or like I am doing something wrong, well I am SURE I am doing something wrong because I am human.

Heather and Jack, thanks for coming over and teaching me a good lesson. Hope you can come again soon.

PS, my word picture of the day is this, Simon had to go to the bathroom while we were outside, so he asked me if he could go outside, sure go in the tall weeds, thats fine, as soon as Jack saw what he was doing he quickly ran over and had his pants halfway down before he got there, he had to join in on the fun too, 2 little bare butts peeking out, I wish I had my camera with me, ahh maybe next time.

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  1. Another that made me chuckle.

    Alyse always asks to pee outside! Too funny!

    I often feel like I am doing something wrong too as a parent. Yes we are human. But it’s good we are always striving to be a better parent & a better person! Sometimes though we just have to give ourselves a hug though b/c we are doing an AWESOME job!

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