a place to share ideas



The joke in our house is me saying excitedly to my husband:

Me: “Babe…I got an Idea”

Him: “oh Boy”

He is very encouraging, but he knows when I say that, it could mean more work for him (:

I realized recently that I must say this a lot because my 3 year old has picked it up.

I guess I just need a place to share those ideas, my hope is that this can become a place where you can share ideas also. A place where we can have a community of people just getting things out of there head and into a reality. My mind works like this and I know there are others out there also, maybe some who work the same way, but maybe others that springboard off of my thoughts and perfect them, Or who just enjoy reading.

I don’t promise that any of my ideas are earth  shattering, more along the lines of thinking up ways to improve our everyday lives.

Tell me what you think.